Using the Network Inspector, jQuery, querySelector, and async/await to get structured data out of messy websites

How political parties can find — and exploit — breaking points in electoral systems

A hilariously-gerrymandered political district in Pennsylvania that some say looked like Goofy kicking Donald Duck. (Fortunately, the courts threw it out in 2018.) Source: WBUR

Advice from a Google Associate Product Manager*5qaGjfDpGqpw5Bq5.jpeg
Getting a job at Google isn’t exactly like in the movie “The Internship.” In this article, I’ll share some resources I used when preparing for Google’s Associate Product Manager (APM) interviews. (Source: Yosef Waysman)

Spearphishing, VPNs, Bitcoin, and more about how the Russians allegedly hacked Clinton and the Democrats

Special counsel Robert Mueller, who charged Russian intelligence officers with stealing and leaking documents and emails to impact the 2016 election. (Source: Wikimedia)

My firsthand tips to save money, stay safe, and have fun

A behind-the-scenes look at the Civic Digital Fellowship

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Neel Mehta

Associate Product Manager @Google. Former CS @Harvard. Author of "Swipe to Unlock: A Primer on Technology and Business Strategy". All views my own.

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